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Email Reminders

Here at whatsthecost.com we're continuously adding new features to help people get themselves out of debt without resorting to consolidation loans.

For over a year, we've allowed people to save their snowballs. Once a snowball has been saved (use the login option from the menu of the right to create an account), you are able to add transactions to each snowball account, meaning that the snowball is kept up-to-date.

As of February 2007, we've just added a new feature for registered users which we hope will be of help. You can now add various "reminders" to your account which will be automatically emailed to you on the date specified. Reminders can be one-off (eg, "Remember to pay that big bill"), or set to be sent every week, month or year. Useful if you need reminding of regular bills and events.

Of course, you don't have to use them purely for financial information. You could add birthdays, anniversaries, or any other event you want to be reminded off.

This is, of course, a free service. All which is required is a valid email address – And we don't even ask for an email address if you just want to save your snowballs, we understand how important anonymity is.

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