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Stoozing Calculator - AKA Balance Transfer Calculator

Make money from 0% deals

Want to know what "Stoozing" is? Visit www.stoozing.com! - In a nutshell, it's about making free money from 0% credit cards.

It's very important to remember when your 0% card is due for repayment! - Whatsthecost.com can automatically send you email reminders if you login

Here is a balance transfer calculator (AKA Stooze Calculator) which will help you work out how much you can make, or save, by transferring your balances to 0% cards.

Although I've attempted to make these figures work, there may be some discrepancies, especially with the way it calculates interest from the savings account. Please do not rely purely on these results! - They're designed simply to give you an idea of your Stoozing return!

To use this, simply select the number of "Stooze" cards you have, fill in the boxes and press "Calculate". Once you've done that, scroll down the page to see the results.

Number of "Stooze" cards

Card number 1
Card name
Balance (borrowed at %) £
Minimum payment
Months remaining at 0%
Balance transfer fee (0 if none) £
Does your minium payment get truncated to the pound?
Are you going to make minimum payments from the original sum borrowed?
Gross savings interest rate %
Are you a higher rate tax payer?

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