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Monthly Savings Calculator

How about Them paying You interest for a change

Saving Calculators
Premium Bond calculatornewHow much could I expect to win if I invested in Premium Bonds?
Monthly saving calculatorHow much will I have over time if I save a fixed amount each month?
One off saving calculatorHow much interest will I earn from a lump sum saved?
"Saving for a goal" calculatorHow long will it take me to save for something?

Regular Savings Details
How much do you plan to save per month? £
Are you going to increase this amount each year? % (percent increase per year)
Is there an inital lump sum? £
What is the interest rate? % Net PA
How many years will you save for? years

The calculator doesn't currently take tax into consideration. For best results on what your post-tax earnings will be, enter your Net interest rate. If you're a higher rate tax payer, then you may have additional tax to pay on savings.

As tax on savings is currently charged at 20%, your net interest rate can be calculated from your gross interest rate as net = gross * 0.80. - For example, if you know your gross interest rate is 5%, your net rate will be 4%

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