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What's The Cost of the National Lottery?
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Lucky Dip each week
Lucky Dip each week
Lucky Dip each week
Lucky Dip each week
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Here's a bit of fun. Ever thought you could win it big in the UK National Lottery? Well, I'm afraid the chances are, you won't, or at least, you're extremely unlikely to make a profit.

Using this calculator you can pick your "fantasy" lottery numbers, play them in a virtual environment, and see what returns you might have made.

Of course, as it's all chance, the results here have no baring whatsoever on the real chance (or not) of you winning, but at least you won't have spent any real money, and you'll almost certainly make a loss.

Incidentally, this calculator isn't meant to indicate that putting money on the lottery is a bad idea (Just as the loan calculators aren't there to indicate that taking out a loan is necessary a bad idea), it's simply here to show the cost. In my personal opinion the reason people buy tickets is that the odds are so bad, they don't mean anything. For example, can you really appreciate what a 1 in 13,983,816 chance means? I know I can't! I find it easier to realise that I've only got a 1 in 1,032 chance of matching 4 balls!
If you're interested, the odds are as follows:

1 in 13,983,816 chance of matching all 6 numbers.
1 in 2,330,636 chance of matching 5 numbers, and the bonus number.
1 in 55,491 chance of matching 5 numbers.
1 in 1,032 chance of matching 4 numbers.
1 in 57 chance of matching 3 numbers.
1 in 7.6 chance of matching 2 numbers.
1 in 2.42 chance of matching 1 numbers.
1 in 2.29 chance of matching no numbers at all.

If you want to know how I work out (guess!) the results, visit the FAQ (although it might make more sense once you've seen the results!).

Results so far
So far, this emulator has been played 8,219,014 times. In that time, £8,219,014.00 has been 'virtually' spent, and £8,279,458.22 has been 'virtually' won.

The winnings break down into:
  • 144,141 people matched 3 balls
  • 7,969 people matched 4 balls
  • 150 people matched 5 balls
  • 0 people matched 5 and the bonus ball
  • 1 people matched all 6 balls

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