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February 2007 Newsletter

Hello and welcome to the first ever newsletter from Whatsthecost.com

The first thing I want to say is you've received this newsletter because you've either registered as a user at www.whatsthecost.com, or you've signed up for the newsletter.

I'm not planning on sending out many newsletters (probably just a couple a year, if that, depending on news), however, if you don't want to receive any more, please use the "unsubscribe" link at the bottom of this page. I, like everyone else, hate spam, and the last thing I want to do is spam the people who use my site (or anyone else come to that).

So, on to the news.

Saved Snowballs revamped

The main reason for sending out this newsletter is to let you know about the changes to the "Saved Snowballs" area of the site. I've had a lot of feedback about saved snowballs since I added the facility about a year ago. The biggest problem was the whole 'reconcile' part of it was too complicated. I remmebr when I first wrote that part of the site that there was a very good reason for doing it that way, however, I can’t for the life of me remember what it was now! – For that reason, I’ve now changed it to make it much easier to modify the amount of debt you have against your snowball. Each account against your snowball now simply has an "Add transactions" button, which means you can add debits and credits any time you'd like. Much simpler I think.

I've also (finanly!) added the abilty to edit the monthly snowball amount, and the names and APRs of each account in your snowball. There's also a line of text saying something like "If you keep up the current monthly payment of X then you will be Debt Free in Y months!"

New calculator

I've also added an Inheritance Tax calculator to the site under the UK Tax menu option. It’s a very eay calculation to do (basically 40% of any assests over £285,000), but it’s something I’ve been asked for a couple of times. Please note that the UK Tax calculators are only avalible from the UK version of the site. To change versions, simply click the flags on the right of the page under the Currency heading (that's something I may change is the not-too-distance future as it occasionally causes problem with search engines).

Other stuff

I still have some plans for the future. I'd like to add a reminder system to the site which will remind you via email (or possibly SMS Text message, although that would have to be chargable). That could be used to remind you of important finical dates, such as when bills are due, when to update your snowball, or simply miscelanious reminders such as "Car insurance due", or "Mum’s birthday". When I’ll actually get the time to add this feature is anyone’s guess!

I get asked about the advertising on the site from time to time. The truth is that running whatsthecost.com costs me money, and although I'd rather not have to run adverts on the site, I do need to in order to at least attempt to cover my costs (like pretty much everyone else, I'm dealing with my debt! – I’d love to be able to run whatsthecost.com full time, but it ain’t gonna happen anytime soon!), so I'm afraid they're a necessary evil until I win the lottery! (which reminds me, if you do play the lottery, consider joining my eLottery syndicate - it's won nearly £850 in the last month! - Not that I want to give the impression that the lottery is a good investment! We all know it isn't, but it is good fun).

I'm glad to see the banks crumbling with regards to unfair bank charges recently. The banks obviously have been making a fuss about how unfair it all is, although I see that it doesn't appear to have hit their profits. If you haven't got around to trying to reclaim your bank charges, I really urge you to do so.

And finally, I just wanted to add a few words about QuidCo. It's an excellent web site which pays you the affiliate fee for hundreds of different items. I've just got £120 cash back for renewing my car insurance, so it really is well worth a look at.

If you have any comments or ideas about the site, please do let me know. And thanks for the hundreds of encouraging emails I've had over the last few years - I appreciate all of them and it's really nice to know how helpful some people have found the site.

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